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BioFat – Baja Organik Pokok Kelapa Sawit

BioFat – Baja Organik Pokok Kelapa Sawit


50ml BioFat + 20litre water (1 litre for 1 tree) Spray ground around the tree (canopy size). Spray top of the tree.

Using BioFat we identify that:
Palm leaves turn dark green.
Fruits and flowers more than 2 per tree.
Shiny fruits.
The length of trunks increase.
Every tree have fruits and flowers.


BioFat – Baja Organik Pokok Kelapa Sawit

R&D Palm Oil

R&D of BioFat started October 2017. This product has been tested in our plot test at Pokok Sena,Kedah on (21/5/2019). We choose 17 month old palm tree to be tested. We tested 1 ha using BioFat, and 1 ha using normal fertilizer. After a month (21/6/2019) the result has come out. We identify this product managed to supply the nutrient to the tree and the result was different between Plot A (Bio Fat) and Plot B (Normal Fertilizer). Our nursery located at Ladang Smart Bio Agro Nursery, Pokok Sena, Kedah. (3 hector)


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